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Renee Zaman

Owner, Hardware Queen

If you’ve been in the store, you’ve met this wonderful person.  She knows everything about the store and is here 7 days a week.  She’s been the owner since 2009, originally starting her career as a teacher.  Any questions you have, she’s got the answer, and a joke or two.

Yvette Peterson


Assistant Manager




A returning member to our hardware family.  Yvette keeps us afloat.  She does all the behind the scenes work that only she can do.  If you can’t find Renee, her second in command is just a helpful.  The mother to three and granmother to one cutie.

Saba Zaman

Greenhouse Manager, Social Media Director

She’s been working at the store since 2009.  This website was designed and is managed by her.  If you recognize her face it’s because she is also the Manager of our seasonal Garden Center.

Pam Sutcliffe

Employee since 2016

The sweetest human being to ever grace this business, Pam is a local who raises golden retrievers, has a farm full of friendly animals, and four children.  If you have questions about animals, animal feed, or want a smile, she’s your gal!

Joe Kliebenstein

Repair Guy

He works every weekday and is the guy who does all of your repairs.  Doesn’t matter if it’s screens, glass, or fixing your broken down lawn mower, Joe’s your guy.  He’s the father to four daughters and grandfather to seven grandchildren.

Andy Schneider

Employee since 2016

He’s a new face to Mazomanie and the store, but he has a lot of knowledge to offer.  Not sure what you’re doing, Andy can help you concoct a solution. He lives down the street with his girlfriend, their kittens, and all their chickens.





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